Introduction and First Impressions

Do these feather-light gaming headphones provide powerful sound?

The Fatal1ty by Monster FXM100 gaming headset is designed to be very lightweight for a comfortable fit, while delivering powerful sound. It uses what the company calls “fHex720 Sound Chamber Technology”, which is said to provide clear, natural sound without distortion. In this review we’ll take a look at the design, and then explore fit, comfort, and (most of all) audio performance.

We received the version of the headset currently being sold at retail, and while it's marketed for console gaming and mobile use (with a single 3.5 mm connector), an adapter for PC use is available. To evaluate PC sound I simply plugged the headset into my computer’s headphone jack, but if you need to split the headphone and microphone output (the headset’s 3.5 mm connector is a 3-conductor plug that handles both) you’ll need an adapter. We were told that the version of the headset that will be available for purchase online will include this adapter.

Monster lists these features for the FXM 100 headset:

  • Designed for Long Wear and Comfortable Fit
  • Built Strong and Durable to Take Anywhere
  • Exclusive fHex720 Sound Chamber Technology
  • Game-tuned Pure Monster Sound
  • Detachable Noise Cancelling Microphone
  • Exclusive Sound Chamber Technology​
  • Game-tuned Pure Monster Sound​
  • Custom Built Drivers for Maximum Detail​
  • Detachable Noise Canceling Microphone​
  • In-line Audio Controls ​
  • Tangle-free Cable​
  • Comfortable Over-Ear design

(Curiously, there are no specifics – driver size, sensitivity, frequency response, etc. – listed for these.)

One of the biggest features of this headset is its weight, and at just 6 oz it's a very light pair of gaming headphones. Just how powerful can the sound be when the total weight is so low? Let's find out!

Thanks to Fatal1ty and Monster for providing the FXM 100 headset for our review.

First Impressions

Inside the spiffy packaging we have a protective plastic shell holding the headphones safely in place.

The (very short) cord includes an inline control for volume and a mute switch for the mic.

How short is the cord? I measured it at 45 inches (3 ft, 9 inches), which is fine if you're connecting it to a console controller's 3.5 mm jack, but not adequate for a PC headset. It does work just fine for a phone, as well. I can't fault them too much considering this isn't specifically geared toward PC use, but it does have that capability and the cord is just too short unless your tower is really close to your chair.

Next we'll cover the fit and comfort of the FXM 100, and of course talk about sound quality.

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