Performance Results and Conclusion

Test Platform
Processor Intel Core i7-6800K
Motherboard EVGA X99 Micro2
Memory HyperX Fury 16GB (4x4GB) 2400 MHz DDR4
Graphics Card XFX AMD Radeon 5450 (Fanless)
Storage OCZ Vertex 460 120GB SSD
Power Supply Corsair TX 650W PSU
OS Windows 8.1 64-bit


Very impressive performance from this $42 cooler, and even better once the second fan is added. The dual-fan setup doesn't just hold its own against the group from our recent tower air cooler roundup, it matches the leading Noctua NH-D14 under stress, falling just short under standard CPU load!

So how did the JUSTICE fare with the overclocked CPU?

The stock performance was no fluke! The second fan allows the JUSTICE to nearly match the NH-D14 again, edging it out in load performance but falling just short when fully stressed. The single-fan results are still impressive, matching the Le Grand Macho RT in everything but idle temps!

Noise Levels

Here we have the only concession, as noise levels can't match the larger coolers in the group. It does outperform the Hyper 212 EVO even with both fans spinning at full speed under load. I'm impressed!


The JUSTICE performed beyond my expectations, with outstanding temps even when stressed with an overclocked 6-core load. The second fan provided by REEVEN allowed this cooler to put up some of the best cooling numbers we've seen from an air cooler to date, though that fan is a little harder to find, with no listing on Amazon or Newegg. (I did find a listing from Performance PCs, who currently stock this PWM version for $7.77.)

The powerful dual-fan setup would bring the total cost of the cooler to about $50, and considering it holds its own against the $80 NH-D14 SE2011 its a great option. While the performance does come with some added noise, the JUSTICE is not a loud cooler by any means, even with a second fan installed.

Bottom line: REEVEN's JUSTICE cooler can effectively match the most powerful air coolers I've tested to date when a second fan is added, and even so the total investment is still just $50. A very impressive cooler to say the least!

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