Completed Build, Performance, and Conclusion

The finished product is clean and open, and the build process was very simple. There is a lot of empty space to the right of the system components, and open layout enclosures of this type certainly have the capability of supporting any number of liquid-cooling options.

Around back it's easy to see the benefit of the included velcro strips, and I was able to easily keep cables pretty neat behind the system. I would have liked a little more space, but if you're careful to keep the cables in tight to the back of the system the door will slide back on without a bulge.

Performance Results

We'll begin with the CPU temps, and see if my assumption about the airflow provided by the massive front intake (and triple 140 mm fans) did indeed provide high performance.

Well, what do you know? Not just 'high' performance; the best I've tested with these components! What about GPU temps? I expected these to be just as impressive.

Well, not the leader I was expecting, but very close to the best performance I've seen. It seems that the massive Enthoo Primo has set a standard that will be very hard to beat – at least for this particular GPU. Still, outstanding cooling performance all around for the PM01 – but was there a price to pay with noise output?

As I assumed (and subjectively determined), the SPL meter shows the open front does in fact result in higher noise output. The last case I reviewed with a similar airflow design, the RIOTORO PRISM CR1280, had very similar numbers. If you can live with about 40 dB it's absolutely worth it for the outstanding cooling performance of this enclosure.


The Primera Series PM01 is a sleek, aggressively-styled case that offers far more than just a polished appearance and LED lighting effects. It produced some of the best numbers we've seen in the cooling department, though this did come at the cost of additional noise output. The only other negative I could come up with was the black finish on the case, which – though extremely well done and very attractive – is something of a dust and fingerprint magnet, and cleaning it with all but the softest cloth will result in swirl marks.


  • Bold styling and attractive high-gloss finish
  • Integrated LED lighting with controller
  • Outstanding cooling performance
  • Excellent cable management support


  • High airflow design with large front grill results in increased noise output
  • Top mount clearance poses an issue for thicker liquid coolers (depending on motherboard)
  • Black gloss finish requires care to prevent scratches/swirl marks

All told I was very impressed with the first entrant in the Primera Series, as the PM01 combines style and substance in a package that I found to be reasonably priced at $109.99 when the added expense of LED lighting strips and fans is considered. I enjoyed my time with the PM01, and if you like the style I think it deserves a look when you're considering your next enclosure upgrade.

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