Performance Comparisons – Sequential and Random

Just as we did on the last page, I'll start us off with Sequentials:

In these comparison charts, I've included the 950 PRO 512GB, Intel 600p 512GB, and Intel SSD 750 1.2TB. I would have loved to include more comparisons, but we just ran out of testing time. Recall that all data points here are the result of cumulative sampling across multiple percentages of allocated space. If you see what looks like an outlier or a weird dip, rest assured that apparent aberration was repeatable and consistent.

Speaking to the above two charts, writes are reasonably flat for most SSDs as they hit full speed at QD=1. The 960 PRO starts out matching the 950 PRO, but quickly climbs by another 500 MB/s at QD=2. It then proceeds to lay waste to the rest of the field, just as it does in sequential reads.

Now for random:

These two do great to show that NVMe SSDs can reach crazy high IOPS, but require higher Queue Depths to get there, especially on reads. Once again the 960 PRO dominates the field, clipping 400,000 IOPS in random writes and exceeding 450,000 IOPS in random reads.

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