Interior and Build Notes

The Air 740 is a dual-chamber enclosure, but that aspect is not immediately apparent when looking into the main component chamber. Incidentally, the hinged door can be easily removed by simply lifting it off its hinges to make component installation a little easier.

There is a lot of room in here on all sides, and there will likely be no issue fitting components and coolers of all sizes.

The bottom of the enclosure matches the top, with a pair of 140 mm fan openings – and plenty of clearance for radiator installation in either location.

Both the top (pictured) and bottom locations can be exposed by removing a pair of thumb screws and sliding the panel back and out.

The openings support both 140 and 120 mm fans, and 280/240 mm radiators.

On the other side of the enclosure we see a cavernous area that is nearly as deep as the component side, providing a ton of room for storage and cables.

To provide full access to the front fan mounts and screen filter, the Air 740 does offer the ability to remove the front panel, though I found this a bit difficult to do.

The strong metal clips holding the front panel in place explained the challenge with removal, though over time I would appreciate the stronger alternative to the usual plastic clips.

The power supply's vertical orientation requires ventilation out the rear side panel, and this vent is protected with a magnetic screen filter inside the panel.

Next we'll check out the build process.

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