Build Process

Building in the Air 740 is very simple given all of the extra room. Component installation was a breeze, and once the main components were in place it was time to fit the CPU cooler. This is an area where the Air 740 holds a major advantage over most cases, as there is room for fans and radiators of all types on three sides of the enclosure.

The upper and lower mounts offer identical space for cooling, but the largest area is inside the front of the case:

I left the pre-installed intake fans in place as shown, but there is a ton of room up here for cooling components.

The Corsair H75 cooler installed on the rear fan mount

Next up is storage, and options include a pair of cages in the rear chamber, including a removable SSD cage with slot-loading bays.

The standard 3.5-inch hard drives attach to rubber-lined tool-free sleds, and slide into the upper left cage.

Next up we have the power supply installation, and this uses a vertical mount in the Air 740.

The PSU mount includes an adjustable brace

Next we'll check out the test setup, or you can skip to the last page to check out the final build and see how the Air 740 performed.

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