Build Quality and Fit

The G231 shares many of the design characteristics of the other headsets from Logitech, though in construction this more affordable model is a bit lighter all around. This translates into a low overall weight, which I measured at 9.8 oz including the cable. Not as light as the feathery Fatal1ty by Monster pair I reviewed last month, but still quite light.

We'll begin with a look at padding level, and it is very good with the G231. The foam inside the headband pad is thick, and ear cup pads are generous and soft enough provide good comfort.

These pads are a breathable cloth-like material and didn't block much background noise, though I found it great for longer sessions without the discomfort I get from fully sealed 'phones. Don't pick these if you require ambient noise reduction, and in the Prodigy family the G633/933 are far better in that regard.

Headband adjustment is solid, and there is enough rotation to the ear cups for a comfortable fit against the side of most people.

Ear cups have adequate movement for a solid fit

Clamping force was a little to the light side of medium (about a 4 out of 10), which I like. These feel light on the head, but still fit securely. The overall comfort is excellent thanks to the lighter weight and good padding level.

Next we'll look at the microphone.

The boom mic sits pretty high up next to the left ear up when retracted, but it was out of my peripheral vision. It doesn't extend and retract like the other Prodigy designs, but its longer length should work for most users

The mic boom is made of a flexible material

These are analog headphones, and the cable is a generous 2 meters (about 6’ 6”). There is a Y-splitter in the box for connecting the headphone audio and mic separately into your sound card, with standard portable headset audio functionality otherwise.

An inline volume control and mic mute switch is located on the cable as well, and this works as expected.

Overall the G231 offered good build quality with a solid and comfortable fit. While it is largely a plastic headset, I mainly heard "creaking" noise when I was flexing the headset with both hands, with minimal noise when I was actually wearing them. The headband itself is made of metal and feels very strong, and the plastic parts seem nicely fitted. They certainly don't look like $50 gaming headphones.

We've looked over the design, and now it's time to find out how they sound!

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