Listening Impressions and Final Thoughts

I'll make this short and sweet: The Prodigy G231 headphones produce clear, detailed sound with a wide soundstage, neutral midrange, and great high frequency extension. Bass isn’t quite as deep as the larger G633 headphones, so the lowest notes don't have the same impact, but that lower bass is still present. 40 mm drivers can certainly produce a lot of bass as we heard with the G633/G933, but the design of these just sounds a bit lean in comparison. Still, the clarity of the sound was every bit as good as the bigger Prodigy models, and I found acoustic music in particular to be outstanding with these.

Listening to games and movies the headset produces crisp sound effects and diologue, with very good dynamics (realistic shifts in volume). Loud explosions are a great test of dynamics, and these never sounded compressed or flat. I would describe the G231 as sounding "lively", and while I missed the low-end authority of the more premium headphones I've heard, these are among the best I've heard at the price. In fact, for the most part the sound from the G231 is indistinguishable from the G633 headset I have on hand – other than the lowest bass notes.

Finally, the microphone on the G231 is about average for a gaming headset, and performed just fine for chat. This is another area where moving up the Prodigy line gets you better performance, but if you don't plan on serious recording with these you'll be just fine.

Final Thoughts

These affordable gaming headphones offer clear sound with outstanding stereo realism and very good dynamics. They are not capable of the same bass impact as larger, more expensive headsets, but for overall use they punched far above their weight with genuine hi-fi sound. I'd be hard pressed to find anything under $70 that produced a clearer sound.

If you don't need surround effects the G231 offers fantastic 2-channel sound. With a street price of $69.99 these are the budget gaming headphones to beat.

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