Introduction and Features

Two entry level SFX PSUs for the masses.


SilverStone has been busy this year expanding their power supply lineup. With a continued focus on smaller physical size and support for enthusiasts in the small form factor arena, SilverStone now offers seven power supplies in the SFX Series, ranging in output capacity from 300W to 700W. Earlier this year we looked at the SX700-LPT, which sits at high end of the SFX Series. In this review we are going to look at the two entry level models, the new ST30SF (V2.0) and the ST45SF (V3.0).

Both of the SilverStone SFX power supplies were designed for mainstream use in small form factor cases but they can also be used in place of a standard ATX power supply (in small enclosures) with the included adapter bracket. As entry level units they forgo some features like modular cables, Platinum or Gold efficiency certification, and fan-less operation. However, in addition to their compact size, the ST30SF and ST45SF incorporate a quiet 92mm fan (instead of the 80mm fans used in previous models), fixed cables, and come with 80 Plus Bronze efficiency certification.

SilverStone ST30SF & ST45SF PSU Key Features:

•    Small Form Factor (SFX) design (63x125x100mm HxWxD)
•    300W or 450W continuous power output rated for 24/7 operation
•    Very quiet with 92mm cooling fan
•    80 Plus Bronze certified for high efficiency
•    Powerful single +12V rail operation
•    Fixed cables
•    Active power factor correction
•    MSRP: ST30SF – $$49.99 USD
•    MSRP: ST45SF – $69.99 USD
•    3-Year warranty

The SilverStone ST30SF and ST45SF power supplies appear virtually identical from the outside. The only difference being the name plate label and one extra 6+2pin PCI-E cable/connector on the ST45SF.

Here is what SilverStone has to say about these two power supplies:

SilverStone has released a reference power supply design for the masses in the ST30SF, a 300W SFX unit designed with high affordability and great performance. It has 80 Plus Bronze efficiency and a silent running fan for class leading efficiency and low noise.

SilverStone engineers continue their push for advancement in both HTPC and SFF categories by releasing a true upgrade-worthy small form factor power supply, the ST45SF. Despite its small size, the ST45SF has features that one would expect from an elite ATX power supply such as 80 Plus Bronze level of efficiency, temperature controlled fan, and reliability for 24/7 operation. Enthusiast oriented features are also present with single +12V rail and 8-pin/6-pin PCI-E connectors to fully support [advanced] GPU systems.

To enable users to easily take advantage of these excellent SFX power supplies, an adapter is included to convert the ST30SF or ST45SF to mount in any ATX case in addition to ones that fit only SFX. For SFF users, the ST30SF and ST45SF are excellent, well-rounded power supplies for any DIY desktop computer.

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