Final Thoughts and Conclusions

SilverStone recently introduced two new entry level SFX power supplies for small form factor enthusiasts, the ST30SF (V2.0) and the ST45SF (V3.0).  Their most obvious feature is small size, but the power supplies also incorporates a new larger 92mm cooling fan instead of the 80mm fan used in previous models, which results in very quiet operation. Either unit would make a nice upgrade for your next SFX build over a cheap generic power supply.

Both SFX power supplies delivered very good voltage regulation and kept AC ripple and noise well under control; even while operating at 100% load and elevated temperatures. The ST30SF and ST45SF easily met the 80 Plus Bronze efficiency certification requirements and both units include an SFX to ATX adapter bracket so they can be installed in a small ATX style enclosure if desired.

On the down side, we were disappointed to see that both new models are only backed by a 3-year warranty and have their max operating temperatures de-rated from 50°C to 40°C from previous models.

MSRP for the SilverStone ST30SF is $49.99 USD
MSRP for the SilverStone ST45SF is $69.99 USD

•    SFX form factor (63x125x100mm HxWxD)
•    Very good voltage regulation (±2% on the three main outputs)
•    Low AC ripple and noise on the DC outputs
•    Very quiet 92mm cooling fan
•    80 Plus Bronze efficiency (82%~85%)
•    Single +12V output
•    Active PFC with universal AC input
•    SFX to ATX adapter bracket included

•    3-Year warranty
•    Operating temp de-rated from 50°C to 40°C from previous models

SilverStone ST30SF and ST45SF SFX Power Supplies

Our thanks to SilverStone for sending the two SFX PSUs for review.

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