A Detailed Look

The XFX TS750 power supply enclosure is painted satin black with white lettering all around and features the classic XFX fan grill design. The unit measures 140mm (5.5”) deep. The back panel includes an On-Off switch, AC receptacle and a large honey-comb grill area for good exhaust airflow.

The power supply uses a very capable 120mm ADDA fan (AD1212HB-A70GL) that incorporates dual ball bearings for long life and is rated for up to 2,200 rpm, 75 CFM, and 0.37A at 12 VDC. Opting for a high-quality ball bearing fan instead of a more expensive unit that features a Fluid Dynamic Bearing helps trim the cost a little.

The fixed cables exit the power supply through the front panel with the cutout edges nicely rounded, however we would prefer to see it additionally protected with a plastic grommet.

The TS Series Gold 750W power supply comes with a good assortment of fixed cables, which also helps keep the cost down. All of the cables are the flat ribbon-style except for the 24-pin ATX cable which is covered with black plastic braiding.

Connectors and Cable Length:

•    (1) Mainboard (24/20 pin) 1 x 600mm
•    (1) CPU (4+4 pin) 1 x 650mm
•    (1) CPU (8 pin) 1 x 650mm
•    (4) PCI Express (6+2 pins) 2 x 550mm + 100mm
•    (8) Peripheral SATA 2 x 400mm +100mm +100mm +100mm
•    (2) Peripheral SATA 1 x 500mm + 100mm
•    (4) Peripheral Optical/HDD 94 pin) 1 x 400mm +100mm +100mm +100mm
•    (1) Peripheral FDD (4 pin) + 100mm

Under the Hood

Here are a few pictures showing the layout and components inside the XFX TS 750W power supply.  Like most all XFX power supplies, Seasonic is the OEM; hard to go wrong with that. As we would expect, the layout and build quality appear to be excellent.

The TS750 is based on Seasonic’s S12G platform. All of the Japanese made capacitors are rated for 105°C operation and the single primary filter cap is made by Rubycon.

The secondary side incorporates DC-to-DC converters to create the +3.3V and +5V rails and uses predominantly solid polymer capacitors with a few electrolytics thrown in for good measure.

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