If you backed the return of Sinclair's ZX Spectrum Vega+ then The Inquirer has good news for you, it should be arriving in the near future.  It ships with roughly 1000 retro games installed and with an SD card you can add any of your favourites you can use an SD card to add them.  The Vega+ can hook up to an external display and keyboard, not just to game but also to help if you plan on coding on the device.  Once all the backers have received theirs you will begin to see the Vega+ for sale, so you did not miss out if you did not back it.  The Inquirer was happy to note that games now launch in mere seconds as opposed to the minutes the original required.

"Our backers will be getting their machines first, before the press, before the shops. It’s because of them that we’re here and we owe it to them to make sure they get their Vega first," explained Suzanne Martin of Retro Computers, the company behind the project."

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