Inside the GENOME

There are no 5 1/4 inch drive bays in the case, so we are looking at the modern wide-open internal layout – but this is no ordinary case, and you can see evidence of the pre-installed liquid cooling system with its CPU block hanging down (protected for now inside of a padded box).

It wouldn't be a signature case review without some discussion of the side panels, and there is a clear plastic window on the component side, and the usual solid panel for the back. Both panels attach by sliding into place, secured with thumbscrews.

The thickness of the doors and ease of removal are only average, but they serve their purpose.

Inside the front of the enclosure there is an unusual angled metal area, which contains a punch-out panel to accommodate longer GPUs. Unfortunately the minimal amount of material here won't help with hiding cables behind the system.

Inside the back of the GENOME is a standard exhaust fan and the usual ATX expansion slots – with the exception of that vertical pair of slots for the alternate GPU mount.

The bottom of the case is covered by a shroud to hide the PSU and hard drive storage, though it is heavily vented, perhaps to allow for better airflow if fans were installed at the lowest point along the front intake.

Looking up at the top of the enclosure we have our first look at the radiator and fans pre-mounted in the GENOME:

The cooling system really does steal the show, and the pre-installed system includes this triple-width radiator with three 140 mm fans. As we saw on first page the reservoir is located on the front of the enclosure, and the double helix pattern of the tubes demonstrates where the “genome” name for the case comes from.

Turning the case around, the rear offers access to storage and what seems to be plenty of room for cable management.

The floor of the enclosure offers the usual PSU mount (with padded feet) in the right corner…

…and 3.5-inch hard drive storage in the left corner:

On the next page we'll cover the build process with this unique, liquid-cooled case.

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