You've reached the last page of our gift guide, and that means audio stuff. While I predominantly review cases for the site (along with CPU coolers, gaming headsets, and the occational laptop or phone) I enjoy a high-quality audio experience when I hear one. To this end I have been relying heavily on headphones for the past year since my son was born, and I've chosen three options for great sound on any budget.

Edifier H840 – $39.99,

I reviewed these headphones a year ago, and they still impress at this price point. They really sound far better than they have any right to at this price, and offer the best dynamic punch I've heard for less than $100. A close second for my favorite headphone in this price range is the Grado eGrado – though the Edifier H840's produce a cleaner, more precise sound with deeper bass. Even with fairly average construction and comfort, I still go back to the H840 as the best value in this category.

Audio Technica ATH-AD700X – $100,

One of the best-sounding headphones I have heard at any price, the AD700X's are also – hands down – the most comfortable headphones I've ever worn. Yes, they are huge and unusual-looking, but the big, soft velvet pads and unique suspension system provide endless hours of comfy listening. They are open-back headphones with a big, wide sound that has a sort of "airy" quality that is hard to describe. Do choose these if you love live music and favor accuracy and a "flat" frequency response, do not choose these if you require the greater bass impact of closed-back headphones.

To keep this to three main choices I jumped to the $300-$500 mark. While the Grado Presige Series SR325e are amazing for $295 (and my all time favorite price/performance "hi-fi" headphone), if you can spend up to $500 one very interesting option becomes available: the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless, which have an MSRP of $499 (though selling for much less at the moment).

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless Heaphones – $328.99,

The Momentum 2.0 are a fantastic-sounding, active noise cancelling, Bluetooth wireless enabled pair of headphones that feature aptX technology for great sound with compatible phones. I was anti-Bluetooth until I heard these headphones, and they sound incredible if you have an aptX-enabled device. The Momentum 2.0's also include a removeable 3.5 mm audio cable, and sound fantastic that way, too. The noise cancellation works well, they fold up for compact storage, and they look very good, too.

While there are dozens of worthy options from the above mentioned headphone makers and many, many more (not to mention all of the in-ear options available), I feel like you can't go wrong with any of the headphones on this page. There's still time to order up some great headphones for yourself (or a deserving family member or friend)! Use one of the above Amazon links to help out the site, and Prime shipping can ensure you get them in time for Christmas!

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