During my free time when I’m not testing/reviewing PC power supplies, three of my favorite activities include watching sci-fi action adventure movies, hiking/backpacking, and photography.

Hsu VTF-3 MK5 HP 15” Subwoofer

•    Hsu Research – $759.00


First up is the VTF-3 MK5 HP subwoofer from Hsu Research. This beast packs a 15” driver powered by a 600W RMS (2,000W peak) Class D amp and delivers outstanding performance for the price. It offers great flexibility with numerous adjustments to help with installation and can play really low, all the way down to a gut-shaking 18 Hz. The only down side is the size; it’s relatively large, measuring 25”H x 17.2”W x 23.5”D. I recently upgraded to the VTF-3 MK5 HP from a Hsu VTF-1 that I’ve been using for ten years. Wow!!!  Highly recommended.

Sony  DSC-RX10 III Cyber-shot Digital Camera

•    Amazon.com – $1,598.00

The Sony DSC-RX10 III has become my favorite camera to take along on strenuous day hikes. I live in the Midwest but love hiking in the mountains and deserts out west (High Sierras, Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountain National, Tetons/Yellowstone, etc.)  I’m not getting any younger and packing my full frame Nikon, a couple lenses, and a solid tripod up the side of a mountain isn’t always fun. My favorite subjects are landscapes (wide angle) and wildlife (telephoto) so the DSC-RX10 III provides a near perfect combination of the features I want at a reasonable weight. And yes, I take my iPhone along and sometimes use it for photos/videos. In fact a phone is the only camera I take backpacking – that’s when every ounce counts!

The Sony DSC-RX10 III is an enthusiast level camera that features a relatively fast and sharp Zeiss lens (24-600mm equivalent F2.4-4), a 20MP 1-inch CMOS sensor, shoots up to 4K video, and weighs in at just over 2 pounds (1,051g). If you are looking for a high-end point-and-shoot camera then the Auto setting is for you, however if you want more control the DSC-RX10 III has the professional modes (P, S, A, M) as well. Compared to my Nikon D750 body, 24-120mm F4 and 70-300mm F4.5-5.6 lenses that weighs almost 5 pounds, the Sony gives me twice the telephoto reach for less than half the weight – and no changing lenses! However, when the sun goes down and the Milky Way comes up, that’s when the full frame camera and the 20mm F1.8 lens come out.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 Digital Camera

•    Amazon.com – $797.99

OK, so you don’t feel like spending $1,600 for a new camera to take hiking? How about the Lumix FZ1000 for half the price of the Sony? You still get a 1-inch 20.1MP sensor, but instead of the Sony’s 24-600mm F2.4-4 lens the Pany comes with a 25-400mm equivalent F2.8-4 lens. And it weighs less than 2 pounds (831g).


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