Design Overview

The MasterLiquid Maker 92 has an unusual, and highly functional, design. It looks and feels extremely well-made, and the metal hinge mechanism feels very sturdy.

In its upright position the Maker 92 is 167.5 mm, or about 6.6 inches, tall. It offers push-pull 92 mm fans, and in this configuration the Maker 92 takes up about as much space as a large air cooler.

The fans are labeled model FA09025L12LPB, and are custom designed for the Maker 92. Cooler Master's spec sheet lists these PWM fans with a speed range of 550 – 2600 RPM, and a max airflow of 49.7 CFM with 6.4 mmH2O static pressure. To put these numbers into perspective, the next cooler up in the current lineup from Cooler Master is the MasterLiquid Pro 120, which uses 120 mm fans that offer 66.7 CFM airflow with 2.34 mmH2O static pressure. This makes sense as that cooler is using a pair of larger, slightly slower-spinning fans compared to the Maker 92. We will see how smaller, higher-pressure fans compete with a larger solution, though I don't have that particular cooler in to test right now.

Folded down into its horizontal position the Maker 92 is now 118.8 mm, or about 4.7 inches, tall. This is still above the ultra low-profile height required for the slimmest cases, but it is also possible to remove the upper fan (which is 25.4 mm thick) to make this no taller than a full-height expansion card (which are specified at 107 mm). I did end up running a few tests with just a single fan in this configuration for reference, which I will share on the results page.

There is a decent amount of room between the CPU block and the bottom fan, which should translate into some good air movement against motherboard components.

The pump sits atop the radiator, and the connections for the fans and power are located up here as well. This view provides a good look at the hoses, which have a woven cover for a nice appearance. There is also some room for adjusting the hoses from the rotating fittings at each end.

A look at the copper base of the Maker 92 shows a very smooth, flat surface. A solid fit against the processor should be no issue here.

With the cooler installed it's time to look at the performance numbers with the MasterLiquid Maker 92.

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