Installation Process

The mounting system should be familiar to anyone who has used a recent Cooler Master cooler, such as the Hyper 212 EVO or the recently reviewed MasterLiquid Pro 240. The backplate can be assembled for use with any recent Intel socket (with LGA2011 installs not requiring the backplate, of course), and the plastic caps on each corner act as an insulator against the motherboard.

After the base is in place, it is a simple matter of applying thermal paste (a tube is included) and screwing the cooler down with the four included thumbscrews. These are quite small, and it can be awkward to do this without a screwdriver. I found it easier to start them with my fingertips and tighten down the cooler with a driver.

The Maker 92 presented zero clearance issues, even on this cramped mini-ITX motherboard.

The nice part of the hinged design is that switching from vertical to horizontal can be done at any time after installation.

One thing I noticed while switching positions is that the cooler maintains its position at random points between the two standard orientations, as the hinge is tight enough to hold it in place. This could allow for some interesting custom applications; permitting the user to be in full control of airflow direction – even if this is an unlikely use-case. For the purposes of this review I simply used it fully seated into its default vertical/horizonal orientations.

The last step is to connect the Maker 92 to the CPU fan header and an available 4-pin SATA power connector.

Next we'll look at the performance from the Maker 92.

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