Integrated Graphics Performance – Kaby Lake, Skylake, Broadwell, Haswell, Kaveri

Testing the integrated graphics on a processor that is likely to be used very little for actual graphics processing might seem like a waste of energy, but this is our first chance to measure the performance of Kaby Lake's Intel HD Graphics 630 implementation against Skylake's Intel HD Graphics 530. I don't expect much, but a couple of quick runs through 3DMark should give us a better insight.

In 3DMark Cloud Gate, the new Core i7-7700K is 5% faster than the Core i7-6700K; in 3DMark Fire Strike that delta is 4.7% or so. That is higher than I expected, honestly, based on my conversations with Intel and other vendors before launch. Part of that gap might be due to higher sustained GPU clock speeds through the tests, another side benefit of the updated 14nm+ process technology.

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