Clock for Clock: Kaby Lake, Skylake, Broadwell, Haswell, Ivy Bridge, Sandy Bridge

With much of the talk on Kaby Lake centering around the lack of architectural changes that result in IPC improvements, we had to put the new Core i7-7700K through the paces at a fixed clock speed and see how it lines up with the recent history of Intel CPUs.

It's not surprising – but it is a bit shocking to see in this form: Kaby Lake truly does offer zero to the consumer in terms of clock for clock performance. (In fact, a couple of the results show it slower than the Skylake, but these are within the margin of error.) Enthusiasts and analysts have often lamented the "slow" progression of IPC changes on Intel's Core architecture since the introduction of Sandy Bridge, increasing just 3-6% on the product release cadence. Seeing that come to a halt in these graphs is disappointing, to be sure, but reflects the market changes that led to the halt: process technology cost, lack of competitive hardware, declining value of the desktop PC markets. 

Let's hope that Intel has changes in mind for Cannonlake / Coffee Lake. 

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