Usage Notes and Conclusion

To begin with, the 4 mm key travel and 50g actuation force makes the G213 feel almost like a mechanical keyboard. In fact, there were times that I forgot that I was on a membrane keyboard as I clacked away on CES news stories last month. But there is a slightly spongy quality to the keypresses that remind me that this is not actually mechanical, though it is the closest to that experience that I’ve encountered. Does that make any sense, though? This is the problem for the G213: what is the advantage of a quasi-mechanical experience for the same price as a similar mechanical option?

The lighting effects are a big part of the G213, handled as always by Logitech’s Gaming Software application. Lighting is first-rate, as zoned RGB lighting goes, and make this look every bit the modern RGB gaming keyboard. There are, however, no dedicated macro keys; and upon closer inspection you realize this is really a multimedia keyboard design. This is not to say that it doesn’t have gaming “chops”, as the keys are quite responsive and it offers a polling rate that is, according to Logitech, “up to 4x faster than the 8ms report rate of standard keyboards”. The keyboard also features anti-ghosting, though the specifications do not indicate how many keys may be simultaneously pressed.In my use, mostly as a productivity keyboard, I found the typing experience to be less ‘crisp’ overall than a mechanical keyboard, though the lower noise output was a good thing when my one-year-old was sleeping.


The G213 keyboard is very well made, has a nice lighting implementation (if you’re into that sort of thing) that is fully customizable using Logitech’s software, and offers an experience that is very close to a mechanical option, but the Mech-Dome keys have the lower noise and more affordable price of a membrane option. Still, $69.99 might be a little high when you look at the increasing market for these under $100 gaming keyboards, many of which are using mechanical keyswitches.

The cost just feels a little high, though the spill resistance does appeal to me as a father of a rambunctious toddler who will likely cause the demise of my fancy mechanical keyboard.

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