Introduction and Specifications

A simplified design and longer battery life at a lower price

The G533 Wireless headset is the latest offering from Logitech, combining the company’s premium Pro-G drivers, 15-hour battery life, and a new, more functional style. Obvious comparisons can be made to last year’s G933 Artemis Spectrum, since both are wireless headsets using Logitech’s Pro-G drivers; but this new model comes in at a lower price while offering much of the same functionality (while dropping the lighting effects). So does the new headset sound any different? What about the construction? Read on to find out!

The G533 exists alongside the G933 Artemis Spectrum in Logitech’s current lineup, but it takes most of the features from that high-end wireless model, while paring it down to create a lean, mean option for gamers who don’t need (or want) RGB lighting effects. The 40 mm Pro-G drivers are still here, and the new G533 offers a longer battery life (15 hours) than the G933 could manage, even with its lighting effects disabled (12 hours). 7.1-channel surround effects and full EQ and soundfield customization remain, though only DTS effects are present (no Dolby this time).

What do these changes translate to? First of all, the G533 headset is being introduced with a $149 MSRP, which is $50 lower than the G933 Artemis Spectrum at $199. I think many of our readers would trade RGB effects for lower cost, making this a welcome change (especially considering lighting effects don’t really mean much when you are wearing the headphones).Another difference is the overall weight of the headset at 12.5 oz, which is 0.5 oz lighter than the G933 at 13 oz.

Before we proceed we’ll take a look at specs from Logitech:


  • Headphones
    • Driver: Pro-G 40 mm
    • Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
    • Impedance: 32 Ohms
    • Sensitivity: 107dB SPL/mW
    • Charging Cable Length: 2m
    • Battery Life: 15 hours
    • Wireless Range: 15m
    • Size: 197 mm x 189 mm x 85 mm
    • Weight: 350 grams (12.5 oz)
  • Microphone
    • Pickup Pattern: Cardioid (Unidirectional)
    • Type: Pressure Gradient Electret
    • Condenser Size: 4 mm
    • Frequency response: 100Hz-20KHz
  • System Requirements
    • Windows 7 or higher
    • Internet connection for Logitech Gaming Software installation
    • USB port
  • Warranty: 2-year limited hardware warranty

First Impressions

The G533 headset arrives in the standard Logitech packaging, with minimal accessories.

A USB cable for charging is included, and the usual paperwork. There is no 3.5 mm analog option with this model, though the likelihood that you are purchasing these to use with a wire is admittedly low. Still, there is no clear mobile option with the G533, as this is a more PC-specific model. It's worth noting that the wireless dongle is not stored within the earcup as it was with the G933, so you will have to be careful not to lose it in transit.

On the next page we will take a close look at the headset itself, and then move on to usage impressions.

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