Design and Fit


The G533 has a more streamlined appearance than the last couple of Logi headsets I have looked at.

The generous padding from previous Artemis Spectrum remains; with a higher padding level than the G231 headset I reviewed recently.

The construction of this G533 headset is very impressive, and these feel more solidly built than even the Artemis Spectrum models from last year. It might be the more compact build, or just improved construction design, but there is virtually zero plastic 'creaking' with any normal handling or use.

The microphone is a new design, and the flexible boom is a big improvement over recent designs I've seen from Logitech. It offers a good range of adjustment and hold its position very well, and while I appreciated the 'hidden' storage of the Artemis Spectrum mic boom, I prefer this design in actual use. Raising the boom still mutes the mic, and a small red light glows when muted – though why this is needed in my peripheral vision with the mic up is unknown.

Finally, a look at the controls, which include the power toggle on the right, a mic mute button on the left (this button can be assigned to another function in software), and a very nice volume control roller. The microUSB port for charging is below the controls.

Fit and Comfort

These feel much smaller on my head than Artemis Spectrum G933/G633. The 0.5 oz weight reduction may not sound like much, but the overall feel is that of a smaller and lighter headset than G933/G633, though it is heavier than the 9 oz G231 we recently reviewed (and double the weight of the feather-light 6 oz Fatal1ty by Monster FXM 100 headset we looked at this past September).

Fit is secure and the comfort level after a few hours is quite good. There are a few components to this, as padding level is very good, they have a moderate clamping force that kept the headset secure without undue pressure, and there is sufficient swivel to the earcup hinge to allow for the earpads to sit flush against my head. Head shape and size play a big role with comfort, of course, but I had no complaints with build quality or fit myself.

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