Final Thoughts and Conclusions

The Enigma 850W power supply is Riotoro’s first entry into the burgeoning PC power supply market. Riotoro appears to be targeting main stream PC users with their new Enigma series, shooting for the sweet-spot that balances real-world performance, reliability, and price. To that end, the Enigma 850W power supply comes with basic features and not a lot of frills. This is a tough market that is already filled with numerous brands and models all hoping you will select their PSU for your next build or upgrade.

The new Riotoro Enigma 850W power supply produced very good DC voltage regulation with all of the three main outputs staying within ±2% of the target values. The power supply also exhibited very good efficiency, meeting the criteria for 80 Plus Gold certification even while operating on 120 VAC and at elevated temperatures. The AC ripple and suppression was however a bit of a mixed bag. The +3.3V and +5V rails stayed low and well under control but the more important +12V output was higher than we would like to see, still well within the range of the ATX guidelines.  The Enigma PSU uses a 140mm variable speed cooling fan that starts out and stays relatively quiet through 50% load.

The Riotoro Enigma 850W PSU features semi-modular cables, which I personally like, but at this power level some users will be looking for a second 8-pin EPS cable/connector and another pair of PCI-E connectors, preferably on dedicated cables. And while the Great Wall build-quality appears very good, Riotoro’s decision to opt for 85°C primary capacitors and a sleeve bearing fan didn’t win extra points for longevity. This also makes it harder to differentiate the upper level Enigma series from the more entry level Onyx power supplies that we will be reviewing in the near future. However, the Enigma 850W PSU does come with a 5-year warranty versus the 3-years offered with the Onyx series.

The Riotoro Enigma 850W power supply should be entering retail channels by the time you read this review with an introductory price $119.99 USD. That seems a little high for a new player trying to enter the market given the stiff competition. The Enigma 850W is virtually identical to the Corsair CS850M, which is also selling for $119.99 USD but only has a 3-year warranty. Another popular brand is EVGA with their comparable 850W GQ power supply that is selling for $109.99USD.

Overall, the Enigma 850W PSU is a good first effort by the folks at Riotoro and compares favorably with the competition but lacks any major compelling reason to buy their product over one of the established brands. We would really like to see a nice ball bearing or Fluid Dynamic Bearing fan and 105°C capacitors used in future Enigma series power supplies.

Good luck and welcome to the jungle!

•    Very good voltage regulation (±2% on the three main outputs)
•    Very good efficiency (80Plus Gold certified)
•    140mm fan is quiet through mid-power levels
•    +12V output can deliver up to 70.8A (849.6W)
•    Japanese made primary capacitors
•    Active PFC with universal AC input
•    Modular, ribbon style cables
•    Safety protections: OVP, UVP, OCP, OPP, and SCP
•    5-Year warranty

•    Introductory price seems high compared to the established competition
•    A few additional cables/connectors would be nice at this power level
•    85°C primary capacitors and sleeve bearing fan

Riotoro Enigma 850W Power Supply

Our thanks to Riotoro for sending us the Enigma 850W PSU to review.

Edit: Riotoro just informed us the Enigma 850W PSU will be available mid-March on and the website and will be selling for $109.99 USD. Customers that preorder from can get an additional 10% discount and free shipping by using the coupon code RIOTOROPSU.

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