Features and Water Block Design


Courtesy of Alphacool

  • Highest cooling performance
  • Elegant aluminum cover
  • Individual design options for appearance customization
  • Patented “Ramping” system for increasing performance

Cooler Design

The Alphacool Eisblock XPX CPU water block is a square copper-based unit in its simplest form. As displayed, it is in its generic form without mounting brackets affixed to the side channels. The block itself is of a layer construction consisting of an aluminum cover plate, an black acrylic top and mid plates (forming the inlet and outlet channels), and a nickel-plated copper bottom plate. The aluminum top cover can be customized using aftermarket kits available from Alphacool to alter the color of the corporate logo as well as switch out the entire cover for one of a different color. The inlet port is the left side port with the block oriented so that the corporate logo is right-side-up.

The sides of the block are ridged to hold the cover plate on, plus it gives it a nice look. In between the cover plate and the base plate is a channel that runs the circumference of the block. This channel is used to mount the hold down brackets to the block. The brackets simply snap in place, making for an easy yet innovative design for a mechanism that is not normally easily changed on a water block. The design allows for mounting bracket changing without disturbing installed block fittings, thus not necessitating the normal disconnect and drain of the block.

The Eisblock XPX CPU block bottom is a cleanly machined nickel-plated copper plate, polished to a mirror-like sheen. There was no evidence of machining marks in the surface of the review sample, making for an ideal mating surface with the CPU. The copper base plate mates with the acrylic top via the four steel screws in the corners of the base plate. The mount screws fit flush into surface indentions so they do not hamper block to CPU surface mating.

Cooler Motherboard Mounting

Intel Z170 board mount

When mounted to a Z170-style motherboard, the Eisblock XPX CPU block fits perfectly into the socket space with no tight areas along any sides of the block including between it and the memory slots. You should have absolutely no problem mounting this block on any LGA115X-style board. Further, the mounting bracket height should be sufficient to clear any components in close proximity to the socket. Note that the block is mounted to the board in its default orientation.

The block mounts to the CPU though uprights screwed into the underside baseplate. The mounting bracket fits over the uprights, held fast with washers and springs capped with threaded thumbscrews. This mounting mechanism is very easy to use and provides more than sufficient downward force for proper mating between the block surface and the CPU. The included back plate sits directly over the CPU socket back plate. Its minimal footprint ensures that it will not interfere with any components on the back side of the board.

Intel X99 board mount

The Eisblock XPX CPU block fits nicely on the selected Intel X99 motherboard. The mounting bracket was designed to fits in between the upper and lower DIMM sets easily, making mounting the water block to the board a non-event. The block mounts to the board in a similar fashion to that seen on the Z170 board with the only difference being the upright mounting method. The uprights thread directly into the X99 CPU socket, instead of requiring a separate underside baseplate. Note that the block is mounted to the board in its default orientation.

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