Included Accessories

Included Accessories

In addition to the waterblock assembly, Alphacool includes all necessary accessories to get the block running on any modern platform, including the latest Intel Z270 and AMD AM4 Ryzen-based systems.

Alphacool includes a foldout sheet detailing block install on all supported systems, including Intel LGA115X and LGA2011 systems, as well as AMD systems. The instruction sheet contains detailed illustrations making board install quick and easy.

For mounting the CPU block on an Intel board, Alphacool includes mounting brackets and a backplate for LGA115X, LGA1366, and LGA2011 type sockets. The back plate has sliding mount points, making it usable for LGA115X and LGA1366 socket boards. The uprights with smaller diameter bottom threads are used in conjunction with the backplates for LGA115X and LGA1366 boards. The uprights with the thicker bottom threads screw directly into the stock LGA2011 socket plate, negating the need for use of the back plate entirely.

For mounting the CPU block on an AMD board, Alpha includes a universal mounting bracket that can be used for any current AMD systems including those using the latest AM4 Ryzen processors.

Alphacool includes a collection of springs, washers, nuts, and aluminum covers for use with the mounting bracket to fix the water block to the board. The hardware shown is universal, meant to be used with either of the included bracket / uprights. The springs thread through the uprights, followed by a washer between the spring and mounting bracket hole. The upright assembly is held in place with a nut on the other side of the mounting bracket that threads directly into the upright.

For mounting the water block to your processor of choice, Alphacool bundles a 1.2g packet of its XPX Extreme thermal paste. The thermal paste appears to be an OEM Alphacool branded version of GELID GC-Extreme thermal paste.

The Intel-based mount is assembled by fitting both halves of the mounting bracket into the block channel until they snap in place. Then you fit the springs through the proper uprights, put a washer on the upright, put the upright with spring and washer through the proper hole in the mounting bracket, and then fix it in place with a nut threading into the upright from the bottom side of the mounting bracket. The threading on the upright only goes about half way up – enough to fit the upright in place, but not enough to put any real stress on the spring. Assembly of the AMD mounting bracket and hardware is similar.

Using the Intel back plate shown, the uprights screw directly into the mounts on the back plate. If you choose to use the upright covers, you simply place the rubber cover over the top of the upright and then place the aluminum cover on top of the covered upright. You should have no issues tightening the upright to or loosening it from the back plate or motherboard with the covers in place.

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