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GameFirst IV

GameFirst IV is the latest revision of ASUS' application for optimizing network traffic through the on-board network controllers for gaming use. It offers the same functionality as offered with the Killer NIC series of network adapters. The application offers Auto mode with pre-configured profiles as well as Manual mode for more granular network traffic configuration.

Application tab, Manual mode

Network Monitor tab, Top 5 Applications page

Network Monitor tab, Application Usage page

Network Monitor tab, LAN Usage page

Network Monitor tab, Wi-Fi Analyzer page

Network Information tab, Network Information page

Network Information tab, Gateway Information page

Sonic Radar III

To take advantage of the integrated audio subsystem enhancements, ASUS includes their Sonic Radar III application. Sonic Radar III integrate a HUD into your first person shooter game to directionally track pre-configured sound effects in-game and real-time. The application includes a multitude of presets for a variety of game types as well as an auto-detect mode.

Settings tab, Games page

Settings tab, Macros page

Settings tab, Display page

Settings tab, Audio Engine page

Settings tab, General page

Sonic Studio III

The ROG Sonic Studio III applet is an ASUS developed application allowing for advanced configuration of the audio subsystem, and its attached input and output devices. The application provides effects type enhancements for the audio chipset provided control panel applet. Further, Sonic Studio III offers advanced tools for optimized in-game recording and streaming of those in-game sessions.

Sonic Studio tab, Advanced Mode page

Record Studio tab

Settings tab

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