With the replacement Supremacy EVO copper top plate, the Supremacy MX CPU water block performed extremely well with the Haswell-E processor at both stock and overclocked speeds. The block managed to match or exceed the performance of the previous performance king, the XSPC Raystorm Pro waterblock – not an easy feat. The Supremacy MX's performance is likely partly because of the replacement copper top plate. The top plate may be acting as a secondary heat dispersal path for the processor, increasing the surface area for the coolant to absorb the heat. We saw similar performance differences between the XSPC Raystorm and the Raystorm Pro with the largest difference between the two being the addition of the copper top plate on the Raystorm Pro. Unfortunately, our Raystorm block ran into issues during out current round of tests from a failure in the the block's internal gasket seal.


As of April 02, the EK Supremacy MX water block was available at for $59.99 with Prime shipping and at for $54.99.

The EK Supremacy EVO copper top plate used to replace the stock plexi top plate was available from for 16.95.


EK did a fine job in designing the Supremacy MX CPU waterblock, creating a high performance block for a reasonable price. They took their previous block, the Supremacy EVO, and optimized it for performance and price by tweaking the design and trading out some of the copper parts for plexi-based parts. Internally, they optimized the coolant path, but did not make major changes to the jet-impingement fed micro-channel design. The block itself comes fully assembled from the factory, a big plus in the ease-of-use category, requiring minimal time to get it up and running on your system.

The plexi top was an adequate design trade off as long as you are very careful with fitting installation. It is very prone to stress fractures around the inlet and outlet ports if you tighten down the fittings too much over several removal and re-seating sessions – not something a typical user would do, but problematic nonetheless. These stress fractures can cause the the ports to leak, as happened during our testing. However, the compatibility of the MX block with parts from other Supremacy line blocks is one of its greatest strengths, and allowed us to use the more forgiving copper-based top from the EVO block. The other major weakness in this design is with the mounting mechanism and its lack of universal socket support. You are forced to disassemble the block if you wish to use it with an AMD system (in the case of the Intel based block). Further, the LGA115X mounting requires disassembly of the motherboard socket to replace the stock backplate with the EK-provide one, most definitely not a trivial task. One other minor thing to mention would be the lack of a washer provided in between the the spring and the surface of the mounting bracket. This caused some binding when tightening down the block to the motherboard support bracket. However, this issue was easily remedied by disassembling the mounting bracket uprights and adding a washer to the spring to mounting bracket surface interface.

While the above may paint the Supremacy MX block in a negative light, the block is a very well designed piece of kit with very good performance. So please take it in with a grain of salt.


  • Performance under stock and overclocking conditions
  • Build quality of the cooler
  • Mounting bracket design and ease of use
  • Factory assembled mounting bracket
  • LED support with stock plexi top
  • Availability of upgrade parts from other Supremacy coolers (like the Supremacy EVO)
  • Compatibility with parts from other EK Supremacy line coolers
  • Price


  • Plexi top prone to stress fractures after repeated fitting reseating
  • Need to dissemble block to switch out mounting bracket
  • Lack of universal mounting bracket support
  • Required to remove stock base plate on LGA115x boards to use block mounting mechanism
  • Lack of washer in between spring and mounting bracket causing binding when tightening mounting uprights to motherboard

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