Final Thoughts and Conclusions

The Onyx 650W and Onyx 750W PSUs are two of Riotoro’s first entries into the PC power supply market. Riotoro appears to be targeting main stream users with their new Onyx Series, shooting for the sweet-spot that balances real-world performance, reliability, and price. This is a tough market that is already filled with numerous established brands, all vying for you hard earned dollar.

The two new Riotoro Onyx power supplies produced very good DC voltage regulation with the three main outputs staying within ±2% of the target values. The power supply also exhibited good efficiency, easily meeting the criteria for 80 Plus Bronze certification and the 650W version even met the criteria for Silver certification, although to their credit Riotoro opted to go with the more conservative Bronze rating. The AC ripple and suppression was also good but the all-important +12V output bounced around a little more than we would like to see, but staying well within the ATX guidelines.  The Onyx Series power supplies use a 120mm variable speed cooling fan that starts out and stays relatively quiet through 50% load.

The Riotoro Onyx Series PSUs feature semi-modular cables, which is a configuration that I personally like. The Great Wall build-quality appears very good and Riotoro even chose to use 105°C Japanese made primary capacitors. However, the Bronze efficiency rating, sleeve bearing fan, and 3-year warranty put it into an entry level class. Overall another good effort by the folks at Riotoro!

The Riotoro Onyx Series power supplies should be entering retail channels starting in February 2017 with pricing that compares favorably with the competition.

•    MSRP for the Onyx 650W PSU: $64.99 USD
•    MSRP for the Onyx 750W PSU: $74.99 USD

•    Very good voltage regulation (±2% on the three main outputs)
•    120mm fan is quiet through mid-power levels
•    Single +12V output
•    Japanese made primary electrolytic capacitors (105°C)
•    Active PFC with universal AC input
•    Semi-modular cables (most are flat ribbon-style)
•    80Plus Bronze efficiency certification
•    Safety protections: OVP, UVP, OCP, OPP, and SCP
•    Competitive pricing

•    3-Year warranty
•    Sleeve bearing fan

Riotoro Onyx Series 650W & 750W Power Supplies

Our thanks to Riotoro for sending us the Onyx PSUs to review.

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