A Detailed Look

The VIVO 24K 650W power supply enclosure is painted matte black and measures 188mm (7.4”) deep, which is relatively big for a 650W unit. The back panel includes an AC receptacle and main power On-Off switch. Note the rounded edges and wrap-around grill, which gives the power supply a unique sculptured look.

The power supply uses a 120mm, seven blade fan on the bottom for cooling.  The Chinese made aobos fan (AAH1225S1AN) is rated for 0.40A at 12 VDC and uses sleeve bearings for quiet operation. This fan has a top speed of 2500 rpm and can move up to 90 CFM of air with a max pressure of 3.5 mmH2O.

The front panel on the VIVO 24K 650W PSU incorporates fifteen modular cable connectors nicely keyed and labelled to prevent inadvertently plugging a cable into the wrong connector. VIVO must have great plans to expand this platform as that is a lot more connectors than are needed to supply the eight modular cables that come bundled with the 650W unit.

All of the modular cables are the flat ribbon-style with very flexible insulation for easy cable routing.

Under the Hood

Here are a few pictures showing the layout and components inside the VIVO 24K 650W power supply. VIVO is using SAMA as the OEM for their introductory power supply. SAMA is a self-owned brand of Guangzhou Aojie Science and Technology Co., Ltd., which was founded in 2003. SAMA may not be the first OEM that comes to mind when thinking about PC power supplies but they are a smaller manufacturer that is continuing to grow and expand their capabilities.

The VIVO PSU uses DC-to-DC converters for increased efficiency to generate the +3.3V and +5V outputs from the +12V supply.  The layout of components is a bit different than what we typically see but it’s clean while the soldering appears to be good. All of the capacitors used inside the PSU are Teapo brand (made in Taiwan). The primary capacitor is rated for 390uF, 450V and 85°C. While we prefer to see Japanese made capacitors it is understandable that VIVO chose Teapo (which has greatly improved in reliability in recent years) for an entry level power supply for budget minded consumers.

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