Final Thoughts and Conclusions

VIVO is testing the waters with the introduction of the 24K 650W power supply. Their main goal is to offer an 80 Plus Gold certified, fully modular power supply at an affordable price to budget minded consumers. During our testing the VIVO 24K 650W power supply delivered very good voltage regulation, good AC ripple and noise suppression, and very good efficiency, easily meeting the 80 Plus Gold criteria even while operating on 120 VAC mains at elevated temperatures.  

The VIVO 24K 650W power supply comes with a good assortment of all modular, flat ribbon-style cables. The rounded edges and wrap-around grill give the unit a unique sculptured look, although the chassis is relatively deep for a 650W unit and some users may not like the way the PSU mates up with their particular enclosure.

The 120mm cooling fan starts out very quiet and stays that way through mid-power operation. While we typically prefer to see Japanese made capacitors it is understandable that VIVO chose Teapo (which has improved in reliability in recent years) for an entry level power supply for budget minded consumers. The choice of a sleeve bearing fan and 3-year warranty are also understandable when intentionally trying to keep the cost down, although a 5-year warranty and 105°C rated capacitorswould have made us happier.

The VIVO 24K 650W power supply is currently available and selling for $58.99 USD on and $59.99 USD on (February 2017), which makes it one of the most affordable 650W power supplies with 80 Plus Gold certification on the market.

•    80 Plus Gold certified for high efficiency
•    Very good voltage regulation (±2% on the three main outputs)
•    120mm fan is quiet through mid-power levels
•    +12V output can deliver up to 52A (624W)
•    Active PFC with universal AC input
•    Good assortment of modular, ribbon-style cables
•    Safety protections: OVP, UVP, OPP, OTP and SCP
•    Excellent price for a fully modular, 80 Plus Gold certified 650W PSU

•    3-Year warranty
•    Relatively large for a 650W PSU (188mm deep)
•    Teapo 85°C rated capacitors

Considering the performance potential and 80 Plus Gold certification at this price point, VIVO’s new 24K 650W power supply is bringing home the Silver. Good job guys!

VIVO 24K 650W Power Supply

Our thanks to VIVO for sending us the 24K 650W PSU to review.

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