Introduction and Specifications

We test the 360 and 280 mm versions of these AiO liquid coolers

Alphacool's Eisbaer is a line of pre-assembled liquid CPU coolers using standard parts that add quick-release connections to make adding components to the loop simple. Today we'll have a look at the 360 mm and 280 mm versions of the Eisbaer and see what kind of performance you can expect from an all-in-one solution from a respected brand in custom liquid cooling.

"With the Alphacool “Eisbaer”, we’re offering an extremely quiet high-performance cooler for every CPU on the market currently. A closed water cooling system that’s easy to install and can be easily and safely expanded with its quick-lock closure."

Not all AiO liquid coolers are created equal, of course, with different materials and approaches; and there are generally tradeoffs to be made between design and pricing. The best performance can result in pumps and fans that produce more noise than a high-performance air solution, while some liquid coolers manage to balance noise and performance in a way that makes liquid a far more attractive option – especially when overclocking a CPU.

True to the premium nature of a product line like this, Alphacool has incorportated first-rate components into the Eisbaer series including all-copper radiators, high-performance fans, and touches like anti-kink springs for the hoses. The capability of easily adding a GPU to the loop with the quick-lock closure (Alphacool offers a line of GPU products called "Eiswolf" that connect with these quick-lock closures) is a nice plus, and the use of standard G1/4 fittings ensures compatibility with custom parts for future expansion/modification.

The Eisbaer 360 spending some quality time on the test bench


  Eisbaer 360 Eisbaer 280
Radiator Triple (360 mm) Double (280 mm)
Fans Eiswind 12
Bearing: Sleeve Bearing
Voltage: 12V
Connector: 4-Pin PWM
RPM: 550 -1700 (+/-10%)
Air flow: 63,85 cfm / 108m³/h
Air pressure: 1,66 mmH2O
Noise from 1m: 29 dB(A)
Eiswind 14
Bearing: Sleeve Bearing
Voltage: 12V
Connector: 3-Pin
RPM: 1100 (+/-10%)
Air flow: 62,31 cfm / 106m³/h
Air pressure: 1,55 mmH2O
Noise from 1m: 29,4 dB(A)
Pump Based on DC-LT Ultra low noise Ceramic – 12V DC
RPM: 2600
operating voltage: 7- 13,5V DC
Power input: 4W
Max. flow in Eisbaer: 70L/h
Max. Discharge head: 0,85m
Tube 11/8mm - 32cm with quick decoupling and Anti-kinking spring
Socket Compatibility AMD Socket AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/FM1/FM2/FM2+/C32/G34
Intel Socket LGA 755/1156/1155/1151/1150/1366/2011/2011-3/604/771

Pricing and availability:


First things first, I had to take the coolers out of the box!

The coolers arrive well packaged with sturdy inner cartons that keep everything separate and secure.

Box contents for both coolers (the Eisbaer 360 is pictured above) are identical - other than the size of the radiators and fans, of course. There is also a slight style difference with the 280, as it features 140 mm fans with blue fan blades. We will take a close look at the hardware from both coolers on the next page.

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