Watercooling Kit Deconstructed

NexXxos XP3 Light CPU Waterblock

The NexXxos XP3 Light block can be broken down into three individual pieces – the mounting bracket, the plastic top panel, and the copper base plate. The base plate is removed from the top panel by unscrewing the flat-head screws in the base plate.

The block's top panel consists of a slotted cover plate over the inlet port and a rubber grommet in a channel along the outer edge of the collection chamber. The coolant is injected into the center of the base plate through the slotted plate. The cover plate has two "H" slots, one to either side of a center divider plate, acting in the same way a jet impingement plate functions by forcing a shaped stream of coolant through the base plate. In this case, the stream is split so that the coolant spreads evenly through the pins in the baseplate. The coolant than collects on all sides of the base plate channels to exit the block through the outlet port.

Alphacool used a hybrid design with the NexXxos XP3 Light's base plate, combining a pin matrix and a micro-channel type design. The coolant hits the pin matrix in the center of the block and is forced out of the matrix through the micro-channels on all four sides of the block. The use of a pin matrix increases the internal surface area of the block for better heat transfer to the coolant, while the outer micro-channels directs the coolant into the surrounding collection chamber to exit the block through the outlet port.

Repack Dual Bay Reservoir with VPP655 D5 Pump

The Repack Dual Bay reservoir comes apart into several parts – the front aluminum cover plate, the acrylic reservoir, the acrylic back panel, and the VP655 D5 pump. Both the front cover plate and back panel are held in place with hex screws.

The pump is held to the reservoir via a ring that fits over the lip of the pump, an o-ring sealing the pump to the reservoir, and eight hex screws fixing the hold-down ring in place. The hold-down ring is constructed of thick plastic and slides from the rear over the body of the pump. The eight screws are grouped into pairs along each side of the reservoir plate to maximize sealing potential between the pump and the reservoir body.

With the back panel removed from the back of the reservoir, you can more easily see the outlet channel formed between the reservoir body and the backplate. The pump pulled in coolant through the reservoir's outlet port, and expels it through the outlet channel. Notice that the outlet channel and inlet port both have o-rings sitting in pre-cut channels to seal the reservoir to the back plate with threaded screw holes around the outside to seal the panels.

The reservoir's back plate houses the threaded G1/4" inlet and outlet ports as well as the lip to which the pump seals to the back of the reservoir. Aside from the port holes, all of the screw holes are non-threaded pass-through holes for the screws sealing the back plate to the reservoir body. The two holes (to the lower left and lower right of the pump hole) are for 5mm LEDs to illuminate the reservoir and its coolant. Note that Alphacool does not included LEDs with the kit.

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