Performance and Pricing

Given the somewhat unique thermal design of the Corsair ONE, we decided to run it through some quick benchmarks to make sure it was achieving the performance levels we would expect for this hardware.

CPU Performance

Comparing the Corsair ONE PRO to our normal CPU test bed Core i7-7700K results, it's clear that there is no performance difference despite the small form-factor.

Gaming Performance

In order to measure gaming performance, we decided to run through some of the currently popular and most demanding PC gaming titles. We ran these tests mostly at 4K, with one exception of 2560×1440. 

As we would expect from a gaming machine equipped with a GTX 1080, the Corsair ONE PRO has no difficulty achieving playable frame rates on high image quality settings at high resolutions. If you are looking for some extra gaming performance, it's worth nothing that Corsair offers a higher end SKU of the ONE with a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti.


There's no way around it, the Corsair ONE PRO is more expensive to buy as a prebuilt system rather than the individual components.

While it's difficult to build a completely equivalent system with the work Corsair has done on customizing the case and cooling system, we gave it a shot.

For just under $1900, we were able to spec out a system with the same performance levels as the Corsair ONE PRO configuration that we were sent. Comparing this to the retail price of the ONE, we see that you are paying about a $300 price premium when all is said and done.

However, there are additional things that the $300 difference is buying you. Things like customer support if something goes wrong with the system, as opposed to contacting all the different component vendors does have value. While this is Corsair's first PC, and we don't know exactly how good they will be with support, we do know that they have a great record supporting the components they sell. I would expect nothing different here.

If you are the type of person who is interested in a prebuilt gaming solution, the Corsair ONE is a great option. The unique form factor and build quality make the ONE stand out as a premium option compared to other prebuilt gaming system offerings that utilizes standard chassis. Corsair brought their A-game with their first complete system solution, and we look forward to seeing more from them in the future!

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