Design and Installation

Things are pretty standard as all-in-one liquid coolers go at first glance, but a close inspection of the radiator (which is all-aluminum) reveals a couple of differences. There are fan connectors for the internal controller to one side of the radiator:

Both ends of the sleeved hoses are attached with metal fittings, and on the radiator side these are of the standard G1/4 variety – though their removal will void the cooler's warranty (as indicated by the stickers over them).

The base of the Celsius S24 looks quite familiar, and has thermal paste pre-applied.

The twin 120 mm fans are Fractal Design's Dynamic X2 GP-12 PWM, which spin from 500 – 2000 RPM.

As to installation, there is nothing to report if you have any familiarity with modern self-contained liquid coolers like this. The mounting hardware strongly resembles that of a Corsair kit, and it installs the exact same way – except for the fan header on the radiator.

There are zero clearance issues from the CPU block/pump assembly, and overall installation was a snap.

Next we will take a look at performance from the Celsius S24 liquid cooler.

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