Performance Comparisons – Sequential and Random

Just as we did on the last page, I'll start us off with Sequentials:

I've included mostly SATA parts but also tossed in an Intel 600p as well as a 960 EVO for reference. Recall that all data points here are the result of cumulative sampling across multiple percentages of allocated space.

As we can see above, most SATA parts have leveled out these days. Only PCIe/NVMe bandwidth can push that further, but the Intel 600P has a hard time beating the SATA parts in writes. The odd QD=1 dip seen with the 545S is also visible here, sticking out further as none of the competing parts had that same issue.

Now for random:

While consumer usage rarely exceeds QD=8, we extend these charts out to QD=32 for SATA reviews (256 for PCIe / NVMe) to evaluate manufacturers claimed performance maximums. Our exclusive burst test is the only way to properly evaluate the random write performance of caching SSDs.

Again we have a fairly tight grouping of SATA parts. We can separate out those clusters of info with greater detail on the following pages.

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