Cooler Motherboard Mounting

Cooler Motherboard Mounting

Intel Z170 board mount

When mounted to a Z170-style motherboard, the True Spirit 140 Direct cooler fits well into the allocated space with full use of all DIMM slots. The cooler's slim profile allows it to accommodate the front mounted fan without impacting the use of the DIMM slots.

From the closeup views, you can better see how well cooler's slim profile works to its advantage. The radiator is mounted high enough to avoid space conflicts with larger VRM heat sinks, while its width and depth give is a small enough footprint to fit in tight spaces. You should have not issues mounting this cooler to most boards.

With two fans mounted in a push-pull configuration, the cooler still fits well to the board. The cooler's slim design allows it to accommodate the second fan without impact to the board components.

Intel X99 board mount

With a single fan mounted to the cooler, the True Spririt 140 Direct has space issues between the upper or lower set of memory modules nor with the chipset heat sink or a card mounted in the primary PCIe slot on the selected X99 motherboard. The slim depth of the cooler's radiator tower allows the fans to fit behind mounted memory, even with the memory mounted in the upper-most slot in the lower set.

The closeup views around the cooler give a much better perspective of how well it fits within the space allocated for mounting to the x99's socket. The layout of the heat pipes connecting the base plate to the radiator provide more than sufficient clearance for any board-mounted VRM heat sinks.

With dual fans mounted to the cooler in a push-pull configuration, the True Spirit 140 Direct cooler fits into the allocated space perfectly. There is sufficient space for both fans to sit inbetween the upper and lower memory sets, even with modules mounted to the innermost slots.

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