Included Accessories

Cooler Accessories

Thermalright included all necessary mounting hardware and accessories needed to setup and install the True Spirit 140 Direct cooler into your system, including a single 140mm fan, motherboard and fan mounting hardware, and thermal compound.

Thermalright included a detailed, multi-language instruction manual outlining install of the cooler to both Intel and AMD boards, as well as how to mount the fans (in single or dual configuration) to the cooler tower radiator.

The included mount hardware is used for both Intel and AMD cooler mounting with a universal mounting plate and mylar cover used for both style system mountings. The small black cap fits into the middle of the backplate, inserted facing downward so that it fits over the underboard center components. It is used only for Intel LGA775 and AMD socket mounting. The included clear spacer is placed on top of the processor, used for an LGA1151 socket mount only. For LGA2011-type sockets, the backplate is unnecessary. The threaded thumbscrews with top threaded hole mounted directly into the LGA2066's socket mount holes.

The CPU spacer, used for LGA1151 type sockets, is placed directly on top of the CPU prior to locking the CPU into the socket. The socket top is then put on top of the CPU / space plate and locked in place.

Thermalright included a small packet of their Chill Factor thermal paste with enough paster provided for one or two mounts at most.

For the mount cage used for all sockets with the exception of the Intel LGA2011 socket, the top mounting bracket is held to the dual-holed pillar with screws in its four corners into the top of the pillar. The back plate is held in place using a similar method with four screws through the bottom of the board threading into the bottom side of the pillar. There are plastic washers placed in between the mount pillar and the top side of the board and in between the bottom of the board PCB and the baseplate to prevent damage to the PCB as well as to electrically isolate the metal mounting cage from the board's electronics.

Installing Mounting Bracket to Intel Motherboards

Intel Z170 board mounting

The mounting cage is designed to mount the cooler in a vertical orientation only, where the cooler air flow goes from the front of the case to the rear of the case (exiting over the board's rear panel). In the default vertical orientation, the mounting cage has no contact or fit issues in the CPU socket area. Further, the top mount bracket allows sufficient space between itself and the top-most memory slot, allowing for uninhibited use of all memory slots with the mounting cage installed.

On an Intel LGA115X board, the base plate bottom rests on the socket bottom plate, eliminating direct board contact. The included mylar cover sits in between the mount plate and the board surface, acting to cushion the board and electrically isolate the back plate from the board components. The design of the back plate conforms to most socket standards, but does not alleviate the concern of sitting on components that are placed in close proximity to the area behind the socket.

Intel X99 board mounting

On an Intel X99 motherboard (supporting the LGA2011 socket), mounting bracket fits the socket well with sufficient clearance for all board mounted components. Further, the mount plate is space sufficiently so that is does not impede use of the inside memory slots in either the upper or lower memory slot sets.

Cooler Fan and Fan Accessories

Thermalright included a single fan bundled with the True Spirit 140 Direct cooler. The fan is a lower power fan to minimize fan noise, a 140mm unit rated at a maximum speed of 1300RPM with a maximum airflow rating of 73.6CFM. The seven black fan blades are housed in a black plastic body, rated to run at 12V with a power draw of 0.20A at full speed.

For mounting fans to the cooler's tower radiator, Thermalright included a total of four fan brackets (2 sets of 2). The brackets mount through holes in the top and bottom of the radiator and clip into the screw holes on the fan to hold it in place.

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