The Thermalright TRUE Spirit 140 Direct cooler is an impressive piece of kit, performing well with a stock speed and overclocked processors. When paired with the X99 board, the cooler performed only slightly warmer than the top-rated Noctua NH-D15 cooler. More impressive is the size and stature of the True Spirit 140 Direct cooler in comparison with the Noctua cooler, given its performance.


As of June 19, the Thermalright TRUE Spirit 140 Direct cooler was available at for $46.95.


Coming into the review, I didn't know what to expect performance-wise from the TRUE Spirit 140 Direct cooler because of its small single tower radiator and non-traditional base plate assembly. I refer to the base plate assembly as non-traditional because the heat pipes are press-fit into the base plate, making for slight valleys in the base plate rather than the continuous flat surface in more traditional designs. However, Thermalright did their due diligence with this design since the cooler managed to perform very well in comparison with the much larger Noctua air cooler. The five nickel-plated heat pipes are integrated tightly into the radiator's aluminum fins, making for an optimal heat dispersal path from the CPU to the radiator fins by way of the copper heat pipes. The radiator's thickness also allows it to be compatible with most socket designs, even when paired with dual fans in a push-pull configuration. The only oddity with the cooler's design is with the base plate, requiring use of a bit more thermal paste than normal to get good contact between the cooler and the CPU surface.


  • Performance under stock and overclocked conditions
  • Build quality of the cooler
  • Compatibility with most motherboard socket designs
  • Nickel-plated copper heat pipes
  • Low noise, high-performance 140mm fan
  • Easy to use fan cooler mounting brackets


  • Retail availability

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