Keyboard and Trackpad

The Keyboard

The ZenBook 3's chiclet-style keyboard is par for the course with modern, thin laptops; featuring island-style keys protruding from what is in this case an aluminum chassis. Typing was about what I expected from a very thin design like this, with flat keycaps and a minimum of key travel. Lenovo ThinkPads are my benchmark (the TP Yoga S1 has my heart) for laptop keyboards, with slightly concave keycaps, a very pleasant key travel, and subtle 'clicky' feel, and this ZenBook keyboard far closer to the experience of typing on a recent MacBook Air, and – while not my preference – perfectly fine for most people.

The keys are backlit, and this (gold, to match the trim) lighting is adjustable. No complaints here, as I think all laptops over a certain price should have backlit keyboards, and this is implemented properly here.


If the keyboard is about average for an aluminum thin-and-light, the trackpad elevates the input experience to decidedly above-average. It is smooth and responsive, and in general very well executed. I generally consider an Apple trackpad to be the best in the industry- but ONLY when using MacOS as the drivers for Windows are terrible. My search for the ideal Windows laptop trackpad is still ongoing, as my ThinkPad Yoga S1 is merely 'OK', but ASUS has a strong effort here. No complaints!

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