Synthetics and Scientific

SiSoft Sandra 2016

It is an interesting mix of results for the Ryzen 3 processors, outpacing the Core i3 family in both single thread and multi-thread CPU arithmetic scores but within striking distance of the Core i5 family. Multimedia and SSE performance of Ryzen 3 only bests that of the Pentium G4560 CPU though memory bandwidth is higher and equals that of Ryzen 5. 

Geekbench 4.0.4

Geekbench finds the Ryzen 3 wanting in the single threaded results, with the Ryzen 3 1300X falling behind the Core i3-7100 by 16% or so. When we swap to the multi-threaded scores the Ryzen 3 does much better; the 1300X pushes past even the Core i3-7350K by 11%. The Core i5 is able to maintain a performance lead though only by 18% compared to the Core i5-7500, a 50% higher priced part.

Euler 3D

The Euler3D algorithm is not kind to the Zen architecture and Intel's dominance in this scientific computing test remains steadfast. Single, dual, and even quad-thread performance of the Ryzen 3 struggles to even match performance on the dual-core Core i3 family, let alone the stronger Core i5 results. 

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