Conclusion, Pricing, and Final Thoughts



  • Outstanding design.
  • Good overall performance.


  • Cost is high even at its performance level.

Pricing and Warranty (street price at the time of this writing)

  • 400GB – $320   ($0.80/GB)
  • 800GB – $650   ($0.81/GB)

Warranty period is 5 years rated at 698 TBW for 400GB and 1,396 TBW for 800GB. $0.80 per GB is awfully high for any modern SSD, especially with competition like the 960 Pro, which at this writing ships a 512GB SSD for $280 ($0.55/GB). Despite the good looks, the NX500 pricing really does need to come down a fair bit to compete in the current SSD market.

Final Thoughts

As SSDs go, the Corsair NX500 is a thing of beauty. The Phison E7 controller offers good performance, and the industrial design is very well thought out, making the NX500 a likely default choice for those wanting to show off their SSD in a custom PC build. With great looks comes a greater price tag, so those who will only hide this SSD in a generic case hidden under a desk will likely be better off going with a lower cost solution, some of which offer even higher performance.

Dropping to gold on this one due to the high price:performance ratio, but man is it a looker!

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