We were extremely impressed with the Micron 9100 Enterprise SSDs. They are still the fastest NAND flash SSDs we've tested to date, but they were built on planar NAND, and we know everyone is replacing their flat flash with more cost efficient 3D NAND. Same goes for the 9200:

Highlights for the new models are IMFT 3D NAND running in TLC mode and a new controller capable of PCIe 3.0 x8 (HHHL form factor only – U.2 is only a x4 interface). Here are the detailed specs:

Improvements for the x4 models are marginal upgrades over the 9100, but the x8 variants bump up the maximum performance to 900,000 IOPS and 5.5GB/s! These should be shipping by the end of the month, and we will review them as they come in.

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Access Data at the Speed of Now with Micron’s New Flagship NVMe Solid-State Storage Family

New Micron 9200 Series of NVMe SSDs Release Blazingly Fast Performance at High Capacity to Revolutionize Enterprise Storage

News Highlights

●Micron unveils the new Micron® 9200 SSD with NVMe™ for true storage innovation

●The Micron 9200 SSDs leverage the best of 3D NAND and NVM Express technology

●Micron equips enterprise data centers and cloud providers with the latest technologies to master today’s data deluge for better business outcomes

●With industry-leading performance, Micron 9200 SSDs maximize application throughput and minimize latencies for faster access to data

BOISE, Idaho – August 8, 2017 Micron Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: MU) today introduced Micron® 9200 Series of NVMe™ SSDs, the company’s latest flagship performance solid-state storage family. The innovative architecture and industry leading performance of Micron 9200 SSDs allows organizations to access data faster and stay one step ahead of the growing diversity of business-critical workloads and surging data demands.

The new Micron 9200 SSD combines the cost-effective capacity of 3D NAND with the proven throughput and response time of the NVM Express (NVMe) protocol. Built from the ground up to remove legacy layers of hard drive interfaces, Micron’s second generation of NVMe drives unleashes the speed of solid state nonvolatile memory to maximize data center efficiency for optimal total cost of ownership (TCO).

“The Micron 9200 Series of NVMe SSDs are specially designed to deliver the blazing fast speeds, low-latency, and high-capacity needed to handle massive files, images and multimedia assets created by today’s complex application workloads,” said Eric Endebrock, vice president SSD and Systems, Storage Business Unit, Micron Technology, Inc. “With the Micron 9200 SSDs added to our SSD playbook, we are providing customers a rich portfolio of storage solutions to manage their changing business needs.”

The capacity and performance of Micron 9200 SSDs enables data centers to store more, do more and know more about their data. Innovative architecture combining NVMe protocols on a PCIe connection enables the Micron 9200 SSD to deliver fast enterprise flash performance — up to 10X faster than the typical SATA SSDs on the market — while conserving power and rack space with its 3D NAND high-density storage. Moreover, the Micron 9200 is one of the first NVMe SSDs on the market with a capacity exceeding 10TB, meeting the needs of even the most storage-hungry use cases at an attractive cost per gigabyte.

“NVMe reduces I/O overhead by extending the number of simultaneous storage commands that a single drive can execute,” said Matt Kimball, Senior Analyst, Servers and Storage for Moor Insights & Strategy. “What has slowed its market acceptance has been the price point and reliability of the technology. Technologies like those from Micron show promise in removing those barriers, which would be a significant step forward in reducing I/O latency for memory intensive workloads”

Meet Your Workloads Head On

Today’s business is becoming ever more complicated, requiring faster decision-making and analysis of ever-larger data sets to remain competitive. As a result, there is a growing emphasis on denser datacenters, ensuring reliability and data persistence, and scaling storage infrastructure up and out without adding latency.

For those organizations with high-capacity and high-performance data needs, solid-state storage technologies like 3D NAND and NVM Express™ provide the technology foundation for next-level enterprise IT. Blending the best of these technologies for enterprise storage, Micron 9200 SSDs are ideal for such high-performance, high-capacity use cases as application/ database acceleration, OLTP, high frequency trading (HFT), and high performance computing (HPC). For example, when compared against the nearest competitor in terms of capacity and performance in an OLTP database workload, the Micron 11TB 9200 ECO SSD, was 45% faster and had more than twice the capacity.

The Micron 9200 SSD family is designed as the storage foundation for the Micron SolidScale™ platform, providing greater capacity for more efficient workload optimization and reducing TCO. With the 9200, SolidScale will be capable of over 250TB per node, scaling over 5PB per rack of the highest performance NVMe SSD available in shared storage today. These new high-performance NVMe drives accelerate applications and breathe new life and agility into aging infrastructures, delivering key capabilities for today’s enterprise:

  • Accelerate Applications – Micron 9200 SSDs deliver sequential read/write transfer speeds up to 5.5 and 3.5 GB/s. Random read/write transfer speeds reach up to 900K and 275K IOPS to turn data into information with low latency and high performance.
  • Optimize Existing Infrastructure – Micron’s purpose-built flash solutions are easy to deploy and deliver bottom-line value and efficiency to business and IT operations.
  • Be Large and in Charge – Optimize and scale out server and storage design with capacities up to 11TB, in industry standard volumes, for even the most storage hungry use case.
  • Get Peace of Mind – Offering full enterprise end-to-end data path protection and power loss protection to keep your data safe.
  • Reduce Your Cost/IOPS – Micron 9200 SSDs deliver low cost/IOPS along with its low latency and faster performance. Compared with a typical high-end HDD cost over $1/IOPS, the Micron SSD with NVMe delivers a substantial cost saving at roughly $0.01/IOPS.
  • FlexCapacity – Allocate storage to meet both application and budget requirements.
  • Meet Workload Endurance Requirements – Micron 9200 offers a broad range of endurance levels for today’s most demanding workloads.

Micron 9200 SSDs are expected to be generally available at the end of August 2017 from leading distributors. For more information visit https://www.micron.com/products/solid-state-storage/product-lines/9200.


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About Micron

Micron Technology is a world leader in innovative memory solutions. Through our global brands — Micron, Crucial®, Lexar® and Ballistix® — our broad portfolio of high-performance memory technologies, including DRAM, NAND, NOR Flash and 3D XPoint™ memory, is transforming how the world uses information. Backed by more than 35 years of technology leadership, Micron's memory solutions enable the world's most innovative computing, consumer, enterprise storage, data center, mobile, embedded and automotive applications. Micron's common stock is traded on the Nasdaq under the MU symbol. To learn more about Micron Technology, Inc., visit micron.com.

**Hard drive price used is the average of the first three prices taken from www.froogle.com for new, open market products that are not OEM or refurbished, and are new in every way. SSD price used is the Micron list price in units of one. All prices were taken as of the time of this writing. All IOPS data collected from publicly available datasheets as of the time of this writing.

9200 is rated at 900K IOPS based on 100% Random 4KB Read Performance and compared with public available datasheet information for Tier-1 Data Center SATA SSDs showing an average 85K IOPS, as of the time of this writing