Features and Design


Courtesy of Koolance

  • microfin nickel-plated copper cold plate
  • nickel-plated copper top
  • thick steel mounting bracket
  • Standard G 1/4 BSPP threading will accept fitting diameter up to 19mm (3/4in) OD compression style

Cooler Design

The Koolance CPU-390CI CPU waterblock is a square-style copper unit with full nickel plating throughout and a thick steel mounting bracket. It definitely has some weight to it as well, given its all metal construction. The block itself consists of the top plate and bottom plate with the mount screws bottom mounted through the base plate and into the top mounted mounting bracket. The inlet and outlet ports are clearly marked with arrows. The inlet is the center port, while the outlet is toward the outside right of the top plate. Notice that Koolance designed in rounded portions along the left and right sides to accommodate the outlet port as well as making the top full symmetrical.

The block itself is very low profile, ensuring its fit on almost any board as well as ensuring that is does not dominate the socket it is mounted to.

The block's base plate is a nickel-plated copper construction, machined smooth and polished to a mirror sheen. There are no machining marks present on the the base plate, meaning that Koolance took the extra effort to ensure a perfect mounting surface. The four hex-head screws mount through the base plate and top plate, screwing into threaded holes in the steel mounting bracket. The screws are flat headed and sit in sunken indentations in the base plate, making sure that they in no way effect or impeded cooler to CPU mounting.

Cooler with Intel LGA-115X Mounting Kit

The cooler mounts to the CPU socket back plate using screws through the back plate and integrated mounting bracket. The waterblock is held in place using thumbscrews and springs, providing even downward force between the bottom of the waterblock and processor surface.

The mounting kit threaded uprights are held in place with threaded nuts, holding the back plate in place and making waterblock mounting a breeze. Koolance provided clear plastic washers to sit in between the mount kit nuts and the motherboard surface as well as in between the waterblock's mounting bracket surface and the spring to ensure that the block remains electrically isolated. Additionally, the washers provide a modicum of protection for the motherboard surface as well as the mounting bracket surface.

From the bottom view of the mount kit construction, you can better see the base plate and rubber spacer as well as how the mount posts fit into the base plate. The mounting posts are Phillips head screws with vertical notches that lock them in place in the back plate when fixed in place. The rubber space protects the back side surface of the motherboard, acting to electrically isolate the back plate as well as protecting any surface mounted circuitry.

Cooler Motherboard Mounting

Intel Z170 board mount

When mounted to a Z170-style motherboard, the CPU-390CI waterblock fits the socket area perfectly with no fits perfectly into the allocated space with no tight areas along any sides of the block. You should not encounter any problems using this block in conjunction with a Z170 or Z270-style board. Notice that the block also provides plenty of clearance for memory used in the upper memory slots as well. The block is shown in its default mounting orientation.

Intel X99 board mount

The X99 motherboard's socket posed no fit issues for the CPU-390CI waterblock with it sitting perfectly in between the upper and lower memory sets. Given its fit and design, this block should pose no mounting issues for any X99 or X299-based motherboard. The block should fit easily to any X99-based board and not inhibit the use of any of the board's DIMM slots. There is also not issue between the block and memory slots when using the inner DIMM slots. Note that the block is mounted to the board in its default orientation.

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