Included Accessories and Water Block Deconstruction

Included Accessories

Koolance packages in all accessories necessary to get the block up and running on any of the supported platforms.

Koolance includes a foldout instruction sheet detailing block installation on all supported platforms, including Intel LGA115X and LGA2011 systems. The instruction sheet contains detailed illustrations and pictures outlining the steps described and making board installation quick and easy.

The included Intel mounting hardware includes four threaded mount poles for use with the backplates, four double-ended threaded poles use on the LGA2011 and LGA2066 sockets, eight plastic washers, four mounting nuts, four springs, and four threaded thumbscrews. The single-ended threaded mounting poles have vertical sections that extend from the head that fit into grooves in the back plate, keeping the poles from spinning when locking them in place with the mount nut. The thumbscrews are hollow, allowing the springs to fit into the inner cavity when securing the water block in place. Additionally, two back plates (one for LGA115X and the other a universal Intel socket plate) and a rubber spacer are included for non-LGA2011/LGA2066 board mounting. Notice that all mounting holes in the backplates have horizontal notches to fit and lock the mounting poles in place.

The optional AMD AM4 mounting kit includes a back plate, rubber spacer, mounting bracket, and four mount nuts. The threaded mount poles, thumbscrews, springs, and plastic washers from the Intel kit can be used with this kit as well. To install the AM4 mounting bracket, the water block must be taken apart. You remove the four screws from the blocks bottom plate, remove the existing mounting bracket, install the AM4 mounting bracke with the threaded holes facing the block top, and screw in the block's hex screws through the bottom and top plates and into the mounting bracket.

Koolance includes a dual-ended hex wrench for taking apart the water block (if desired) or switching out the mounting bracket. Also included in a 4g tube of their GRS-CP004P thermal paste. Koolance includes enough paste for 3-4 block mounts.

LGA115X Mounting Assembly

The mounting assembly for the LGA115X socket consists of the LGA115X back plate, the rubber spacer, four threaded mount poles, four mount nuts, and four plastic washers. The mount poles fit through the back plate, locking in place, through the rubber mount and the mount holes in the motherboard. The poles and backplate are held in place with a mount nut with a plastic washer in between the board surface and the mount nut.

Comparing the CPU-390CI with the CPU-380 Waterblock

From the top view, there are only slight differences between the CPU-390CI and previous generation CPU-380 waterblocks. The CPU-390CI switched the location of the inlet and outlet ports with the inlet port to the center left and the outlet to the right of the block. Both have similarly shaped block tops and mounting brackets with the biggest difference in construction being the screw location. Koolance moved the block screws to bottom mounted on theh CPU-390CI instead of the top-mounted style favored by the CPU-380 block.

Like the top-view, the bottom view of the two blocks show major similarities between them. Both base plates are nickel-plated and finished to a perfect mirror-like sheen and both are square with round corners. The biggest difference is the block screw orientation. On the CPU-390CI, the block screws mount bottom up through the base plate, fitting into counter sunk holes. On the CPU-380, the screws terminate in the base plate in threaded holes with countersunk sections around the screw holes.

Disassembling the block to expose the inner channels in the top section again exposes the similarities between the two blocks. Both feature inner and outer rubber gromments in pre-formed channels with a jet impingement plate in the center of the block, fed by the off center inlet port. The collection channel that feeds the outlet port remains the same between both block. The mount holes sit outside the outer rubber grommet in each of the four corners. Notice that Koolance increased the corner space for the CPU-390CI, providing additional room for the through block mounting holes.

The block base plates are where the bulk of the design differences between the two block lie. While both blocks feature base plates with a micro-channel design, the CPU-390CI has an updated design with finer grain micro-channels. This gives the CPU-390CI a greater heat transfer area, but results in higher flow restriction in comparison to the CPU-380 block.

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