The Koolance CPU-390CI performs well at both stock and overclocked speeds in conjuction with the Haswell-E based X99 based board. It scored a top spot when paired with the overclocked Haswell-E processor, an impressive feat given it high-performance competitors. Its performance edge is most likely because of it all copper construction and dense micro-channel design in integrated into its base plate.


As of August 02, the Koolance CPU-390CI water block was available at for $78.45, at for $89.99, and at for $74.95.


With the CPU-390CI, Koolance evolved their previous generation block design with several key design improvements enhancing performance and the mounting design of the new block. The CPU-390CI features a dense micro-channel design integrated into its baseplate, increasing its surface area while also increasing its flow resistance. The mounting mechanism was built so that it could be fixed in place on the motherboard without the block, making block mounting to the board an exercise in simplicity. Its overall design and construction is top notch with no machining marks or rough edges evident and more than justifying its price point.


  • Performance under stock and overclocked conditions
  • Build quality of the cooler
  • Nickel plating / corrosion resistance on all surfaces of block
  • Mounting bracket design and ease of use
  • Factory installed mounting bracket
  • Dense micro-channel design, optimizing surface area for maximum heat exchange


  • Price
  • Need to dissemble block to switch out mounting bracket
  • Increased flow resistance resulting from density of micro-channel design

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