Application Overview

Included Applications

  • App Center
  • Command Center
  • Super Charger
  • Live Update 6
  • USB Speed Up
  • Smart Tool
  • Fast Boot
  • Gaming App
  • RAMDisk
  • DPC Latency Tuner
  • X Boost
  • Dragon Eye
  • MSI Gaming LAN Manager
  • Nahimic 2
  • Intel Extreme Tuning Utility
  • Google Chrome Browser
  • Norton Internet Security Solution
  • XSplit Gamecaster V2
  • SteelsSeries Engine 3
  • CPU-Z

The App Center houses most MSI applets, including Command Center. The Command Center is a centralized utility for board settings configuration and tuning, similar in nature to the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility. The Super Charger applet allows the user to fast-charge USB devices from the board's USB ports. The Nihimic Audio applet is used to configure the on-board audio subsystem. Live Update 6 give the user a Windows-based interface for BIOS backup and update. The Xsplit Gamecaster V2 utility can be used to create in-game recordings and live streams. The Gaming App applet allows the user to configure game-related performance enhancements for quick access. The MSI RAMDisk applet allows you to create a drive from available system memory. The MSI Gaming LAN Manager applet can be used to optimize network use and traffic.

MSI Command Center

The MSI Command Center application serves as a centralized utility for Windows-based performance configuration and tuning. Included in the interface are settings mirroring those available in the UEFI for the CPU, DRAM and GPU.

Advanced section pop-ups

MSI DPC Latency Tuner

The MSI DPC Latency Tuner application can be used for to configure CPU, memory, and GPU speed and voltage settings. Additionally, several advanced CPU features, like Turbo Boost, Virtualization technology, and C-State support, can be configured.

MSI Gaming App

The MSI Gaming App utility is a simplified interface for changing your system's CPU and fan speeds based on three available pre-sets – OC Mode, Gaming Mode, and Silent Mode. Changes are enacted upon clicking on one of the Mode buttons in the interface. The applet also allows for use of user created mouse macros and hot-keys in game, as well an an in-game OSD displaying selected system attributes. Further, the operating mode for the integrated LEDs (and attached RGB LED strips) can be controlled using the LED popup.

Mystic Light

The Mystic Light applet controls the active state of the RGB LEDs embedded in to the board as well as LED strips connected to the board's RGB LED 12V header. The controlled LEDs can be configured for any desired color using the color picker control and to operate in a variety of modes including No Animation, Breathing, Flashing, Double Flashing, and Random. Additionally, the user can configure up to three profiles. The color picker control can be access by clicking any of the colored blocks under the COLOR section on the lower right side of the page.


The MSI RAMDisk application is used to setup a write-able partition using a portion of your system memory.

MSI X Boost

The MSI X Boost application configures the board subsystems for optimal operation on a per application type in easy mode or per storage device in advanced mode.

MSI Dragon Eye

The MSI Dragon Eye application allows for viewing of streaming video content while in game. The streamed content displays in a reduced sized window in a user specified location.

Nahimic 2

The Nahimic audio applet allows for a full range of control of the audio output to you headphones or speakers. It also give you the ability to enable in-game sound tracking technology that put visual cues on the screen to alert you to the direction of a sound while playing.

Sound Tracker tab

Killer Network Manager

The Killer Network Manager applet provides the user with settings and monitoring tools for configuring the on-board Killer NIC adapter for optimal use. The Overview, WiFi Analyzer, and Settings tabs show network statistics for the network adapter, while the Applications tab gives the user control over adapter operation and application based traffic prioritization.

Intel Extreme Tuning Utility

The Intel Extreme Tuning Utility app provides board and subsystem level information about the CPU and memory speeds, allowing for both automated and manual based overclocking of the board. Additionally, multiple stress tests are integrated into the application for settings testing as well as area to save and retrieve settings profiles.

Advanced Tuning tab

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