Performance, Pricing, and Conclusion


2TB model, ASMedia USB 3.1 (ThreadRipper platform)

500GB model, ASMedia USB 3.1 (ThreadRipper platform)

2TB model, ASMedia USB 3.0 (ThreadRipper platform)

500GB model, ASMedia USB 3.0 (ThreadRipper platform)

I noticed the smaller transfer sizes were lacking on the ThreadRipper platform, which appears to be a processor/memory related latency issue that we've seen before, as that problem goes away even when connected to a slower and older i5-4440 system:

500GB model, Intel USB 3.0 (Intel i5-4440 platform)

I'll dig into the external storage performance on the newer AMD platforms soon, but that's another article :).


  • 250GB (Blue) – $130 ($0.52/GB)
  • 500GB (Blue) – $200 ($0.40/GB)
  • 1TB (Black)    – $400 ($0.40/GB)
  • 2TB (Black)    – $800 ($0.40/GB)

Warranty period is 3 years.


While only a product refresh, Samsung has squeezed a bit more performance out of their new Portable SSD T5's. A new ASMedia controller enables USB 3.1 Gen 2 for those with a capable port, pushing speeds upwards of 540 MB/s, while those with 'older' USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports will still enjoy the ~450 MB/s seen with the T3 and T1. The extra 100 MB/s may not be groundbreaking, but it certainly comes in handy when waiting for larger files to transfer. Overall I was happy with the fit, finish, aesthetic, and performance of the T5, and it, therefore, becomes my new default recommendation for those demanding a lot from their portable storage while on the go.

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