The Smaller Crystal Series Case

A tempered glass mid-tower case with RGB lighting

Corsair’s Crystal Series of mid-tower enclosures offer plenty of tempered glass to show off your build and are available with both single-color and full RGB case fans pre-installed. We previously reviewed the RGB version of the larger Crystal 570X, and today we are looking at the RGB version of the more compact Crystal 460X.

The Crystal cases differ in more than size, as the big 570X is a four-panel design that includes tempered glass on the left side, right side, case front, and top. This smaller Crystal 460X is a two-panel design with tempered glass on the left (component) side and case front, with a standard steel back panel and vented top. There is a cost difference between the two as well, with the $139.99 MSRP of the RGB 460X set $40 below the 570X at $179.99.

The design of the Crystal 460X is reminiscent of the Carbide Clear 400C (see our review here), another compact mid-tower crom Corsair with essentially the same internal layout. The appeal of these tempered glass cases is obviously to show off your build and lighting, and in that department the Crystal 460X stands out against other smaller mid-towers – in the era of tempered glass case side panels – with the matching full glass front panel.

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Corsair Crystal Series 460X RGB specifications

  • Motherboard: ATX (Up to 272mm), MicroATX, Mini ITX
  • Expansion Slots: 7
  • 3.5” Hard Drive Bays: 2
  • 2.5” Drive Bays: 3
  • Cooling Layout:
    • Front: 3 x 120mm or 2 x 140mm
    • 3 x 120mm SP120 RGB LED Included
    • Top: 2 x 120/140mm
    • Rear: 1 x 120mm
  • Radiator Compatibility:
    • 360mm: Front only (395mm max radiator length)
    • 280mm: Front only
    • 240mm: Front or Top
    • 120mm: Front, Top, or Rear
  • Dust filters on all intakes
  • Compatibility
    • Maximum GPU Length: 370 mm
    • Maximum CPU Cooler Height: 170mm
    • Maximum PSU Length: 200mm
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 440 x 220 x 464mm
  • Front Panel I/O: 3-Button RGB LED Controller, USB 3.0 x2, Headphone and Microphone jacks

Corsair Crystal Series 460X RGB: $129.99 –

Tempered glass on the case front and component side gives the appearance of an all-glass construction at first glance, and beneath that front glass panel is a full screen filter for the intake fans. Removing the panel with four thumbscrews is needed to access this filter for cleaning, and another four thumbscrews hold the side panel in place.

A closer look at the case I/O, with RGB lighting controls on the left side

The top of the case is fully vented and includes a magnetically attached screen filter.

The rear of the case is your standard ATX mid-tower, with a 120 mm fan opening.

Under the case the PSU intake has its own screen filter, which slides out from the back for cleaning.

Next we'll take a look at the interior and examine the build process with the Crystal 460X RGB.

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