The Grand Kama Cross 3 and Byakko

First, the Grand Kama Cross 3:

It might look like a V8 engine block, but this Scythe product is a CPU cooler (I checked). And while there is a lot of heat sink surface area that single downward firing fan seems odd, though we shall see how it performed on the next page.

That single fan is a 140 mm design which spins from 400 – 1300 RPM.

A hardware kit very similar to that of the Mugen 5 Rev. B is included:

Finally we take a look at the small cooler of the trio, the Byakko:

This is a much shorter (130 mm) option with a 92 mm fan, and while that size doesn’t scream “silent” we’ve only had good experiences with Scythe fans to date. And speaking of fans, this one spins from 300 – 2300 RPM.

Another aspect of the Byakko is the locking pin style retention mechanism for Intel processors, which produces a less sturdy fit than Scythe’s metal bracket system – but is probably adequate given the cooler’s light weight. (AMD support is the old-school tension bar for pre-AM4 sockets.)

The accessory kit for the Byakko is minimal:

As you can see, a smaller cooler like this will pose no clearance issue on your motherboard:

With the three coolers introduced, on the next page we'll see how they performed!

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