The Khronos Group has added a couple of new partners from China: The China Academy of Information and Communication Technology (CAICT) and Tencent. The former is a research institute for China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which should significantly help adoption of open standards across several Chinese companies. The latter is a huge Chinese telecom with huge investments in software and hardware; for instance, they own about 40% of Epic Games, makers of Unreal Engine.

The goal of this is to gain a huge amount of conformant software using these APIs. China is a huge market in several ways; not only would this push the technology into several products and middleware, but it should also help contribute back from China to the international standards from The Khronos Group. If there’s something that could be done to help an implementation become conformant, then that line of communication should be open rather than just encouraging them to fork-away a semi-but-not-quite-compliant standard, which apparently was an issue with OpenCL.

You can read the official press release at their website.